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Overcoming COVID-19 blues

I like everyone else, began 2020 just like any other year. In March, when the COVID-19 numbers began to spike in the US and there were whispers about a shut down I thought how exciting! I get to have a huge slumber party with my partner and my family for two weeks. That was until it was 5 months and 25 pounds later. I was unmotivated, burnt out, and eating trash all day. I knew something had to change but I did not know where to even begin. I realized my days were spent binging on reality shows, scrolling on social media, and eating. I decided to take a stance. After doing some research, I found according to American Psychological Association, "61% of Americans say they had undesired weight changes." That number is substantial, more than half of the country. Something in me snapped! I deleted my social media apps, changed my eating habits, began working out and doing yoga. For 21 days I completely cut out meat, dairy, and alcohol and worked out 5 days a week. Meditation and journaling became my hobbies and yoga became my daily task. I had to become centered with myself to cope with the world. I had to figure out how I wanted to create the life I wanted. It is my job to design the life of my dreams. I can't sit around and wait for opportunities, I have to take them. I had to realize the life I want is my responsibility. Although I worked my butt off to make changes life is life, and life happens. There are tons of ups and even more downs. However, I am learning daily how to overcome obstacles and barriers and shine to be the best me possible. Some of the things I used to overcome COVID-19 burn out is:

  1. Gratitude list- this has been the most important task for me. Everyday I say 13 things I am grateful for in my life. I try to ensure to have something different on my list daily. This reminds me how truly blessed and lucky I am for my life. It isn't a perfect life but its my life.

  2. Change my scenery- I have learned to try new places to do work to shake up my daily routine. It can be overwhelming working and living in the same place everyday. I try to work in a cafe, library, or even in my back yard.

  3. Yoga- aside from the many benefits yoga has such as (stress reduction, anxiety/depression relief, and many more). Yoga has helped me practice deep breathing which in turn helps my anxiety.

  4. Set boundaries- I cannot stress this enough! SET BOUNDARIES people. If we are uncomfortable with something or someone speak up. Life is too short to not address issues that make you uncomfortable. There are many ways to set boundaries without being rude or disrespectful.

  5. Reframe socialization- We spent the last year and a half cooped up in our homes afraid to visit family and friends. This is the time to learn new ways to stay social with our loved ones. Whether it be Zoom parties or birthday drive-bys we have to think of creative ways to maintain our social lives.

  6. Self-care- one of my favorite things to do is to take care of myself. If I don't cater to myself and learn to love all of me and my flaws, how can I expect someone else to do it for me. Self-care looks different for each person but treat yourself, you deserve it!

COVID-19 was an unexpected visitor that has overstayed their welcome. We have no control over it or the world. The only thing we have control of is ourselves. We are given a pen and paper and we have the power to design the life we want. What does your design look like for your life?

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