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My Story

My name is Cortney Barlow and I  am a Licensed  Clinical Social Worker  and Certified Health Coach specializing in trauma, anger management, nutrition, and group facilitation. I am born and raised in the beautiful sunny south Florida. I am a proud panther graduating from Florida International University in social work practicing for 8 years. After receiving the COVID-19  vaccine I began experiencing seizures which  completely changed my life,  passion,  and career. This diagnoses prompted  me  to take a closer look at my  diet, exercise, and mental  health  as a whole. Although this diagnosis challenged my mental health in several ways it  lit a fire under me. I  became obsessed with  healing myself so I can pass my knowledge on to others who are struggling as well. Even thoughI have my masters in social  work,  I struggled  tremendously finding social services for myself.  I  began advocating and reaching out to local municipalities addressing the disparities in accessing services for people who have disabilities. I then began researching and expanding my knowledge on nutrition  by taking courses to learn how  the foods we eat heal or harm our bodies. I will forever research and learn through trial and error so I am able to pass my knowledge to others. I am passionate about exercise, cooking yummy healthy foods, and practicing self-care. I  am driven  to empower others in their holi

Contact Me

I would love to connect further, please see my information and ways to contact me. 

Instagram- @therapymademedoit

Tik Tok- @therapymademedoit 

Facebook-  Cortney Barlow, LCSW-QS


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